ORIMHA Officers, Committees, and Bylaws

Board Members and Related Committees
The committees below are a crucial part of the infrastructure of our organization that enables us to meet our mission. ORIMHA needs member involvement. Please consider volunteering to be part of a committee. To join, please contact us , we welcome your involvement. 
Executive Committee - Chair: Board President Susan Fischer-Maki
The executive committee is composed of the President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer Board members of ORIMHA. 
Finance Committee - Chair: Treasurer Ingrid Anderson
The Finance committee works with the treasurer to ensure ORIMHA follows sound fiscal management policies.
Membership Committee - Membership Chair: Liz Zinter
The membership committee focuses on welcoming new members, raising awareness of ORIMHA statewide through marketing activities, retaining members through renewals, and recruiting organizational memberships.
Endorsement Committee - Endorsement Chair: Katie Sass
The Endorsement Committee is advisory to the ORIMHA Board on the infant mental health endorsement process. All Endorsement Committee members are endorsed. 
Professional Development Committee - Chair: Vacant
The Professional Development committee organizes ORIMHA professional development activities including community-wide trainings. 
Advocacy Committee - Chair: Vacant
The Advocacy committee brings to the Board and the membership issues of concern to the IMH community that ORIMHA may want to establish positions on and recommend actions to the public or government officials.
Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Chair: Kimberly Porter


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