Endorsement Registry

Endorsement® indicates an individual’s effort to specialize in the promotion and/or practice of infant mental health within his or her own chosen discipline.

Those who have earned Endorsement® have demonstrated that the individual has completed specialized education, work, in-service training, and reflective supervision/ consultation experiences (as defined in Endorsement® criteria) that have led to competency in the promotion and/or practice of infant mental health.  Earning Endorsement® does not guarantee the ability to practice as a mental health professional, although many who have earned Endorsement® as licensed mental health professionals.

The ORIMHA Endorsement for Culturally Sensitive, Relationship-Focused Practice Promoting Infant Mental Health (IMH-E®) is intended to recognize experiences that lead to competency in the infant-family field.  It does not replace licensure or certification, but instead is meant as evidence of a specialization in the field.  The ORIMHA IMH-Endorsement® is cross-sector and multidisciplinary including professionals from child and/or human developed, education, nursing, pediatrics, psychiatry, psychology, social work, and others.  





Endorsement Category:  IFA= Infant Family Associate, IFS= Infant Family Specialist, IMHS= Infant Mental Health Specialist, IMHM= Infant Mental Health Mentor (Clinical, Research/Faculty, Policy)


Approved to Supervise:  Under the Endorsement® requirements, this person is approved to provide Reflective Supervision or Consultation to the following Categories of Endorsement Applicants.


Open to New Supervisee:  This person is interested in providing Reflective Supervision or Consultation to other professionals.


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