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Provides information of significant benefit to employers, referral sources, and the courts seeking expert witnesses

Useful in developing individual professional development plans

Gives greater credibility with employer and professional colleagues

Endorsement process itself, especially the reflective supervision, can strengthen personal and professional development

Endorsement recognizes the importance of continuing education and reflective supervision and demonstrates a commitment to these principles.

Endorsement® for Culturally Sensitive, Relationship-Focused Practice Promoting Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health are internationally recognized credentials that support and recognize the development and proficiency of professionals who work with or on behalf of pregnant women, young children, birth up to 6-years old, and their families. Both the Infant Mental Health Endorsement® (IMH-E®) and the Early Childhood Mental Health Endorsement® (ECMH-E® are based on a set of competencies designed to support and enhance culturally sensitive, relationship focused practice within the framework of infant and early childhood mental health. An Endorsement® applicant demonstrates acquisition of these competencies through education, work, specialized training, and reflective supervision experiences.


Working with our youngest citizens requires specialized training and experience, and IMH-E® ensures professionals have attained a certain level of expertise with 0 – 3-year olds and their families.  ECMH-E® assures that professionals have attained a specific level of expertise with 3 up to 6-year olds and their families.  Both IMH-E® and ECMH-E® are relevant for professionals across disciplines including early care and education, prevention and early intervention, home visitation, medicine, child welfare, mental health, policy, academia, and others.


Endorsement® is available across four different practice specialties spanning the continuum of care. Individuals apply for the Endorsement® category that best matches their scope of practice.

Infant Mental Health Endorsement®

  • Infant Family Associate: Promotion

  • Infant Family Specialist: Prevention/Intervention

  • Infant Mental Health Specialist: Clinical Intervention/Treatment

  • Infant Mental Health Mentor: Leadership


Early Childhood Mental Health Endorsement®

  • Early Childhood Family Associate: Promotion

  • Early Childhood Family Specialist: Prevention/Intervention

  • Early Childhood Mental Health Specialist: Clinical Intervention/Treatment

  • Early Childhood Mental Health Mentor: Leadership

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