Racial Equity


At ORIMHA, we recognize that the issue and impact of racism is inextricably bound to social and emotional well-being. We believe it is a fundamental right and need of all children to experience their world as a safe and secure place through responsive and culturally attuned relationships, yet our black and brown children continue to face disproportionate threats to meeting this fundamental right and need as a result of the cumulative and widespread impact of institutional and systemic racism.

ORIMHA remains committed to its mission to promote social-emotional learning and relationship-based practices which advocate for the best interest of infants, young children and their families and we honor this commitment necessitates self-reflection on the thoughts, beliefs and unconscious biases that sustain the oppression of children and families of color.

Rooted in this commitment is collective work to expand professional capacity through deepened self-reflection specific to increasing awareness of our respective roles and responsibilities within systems of oppression, acknowledgement of privilege, and intentional action taken to combat discrimination in all forms.

Racial Equity Resources